Thursday, April 22, 2010

Every Day is Earth Day at GeoEye

Earth Day is now celebrated in more than 175 countries, but was originally created in the United States to inspire awareness and appreciation of the Earth's environment. The employees of GeoEye are especially fortunate to celebrate the occasion every day because we have a bird's eye view of the Earth as seen through the powerful lens of our Earth-imaging satellites.

GeoEye is the world's best source for location information and insight, and our employees are honored to know our satellite imagery and services are being used in so many worthwhile ways -- whether in forestry and ecosystem management, energy, mapping, climate change research, defense, geological research or global infrastructure planning.

We are especially proud of the GeoEye Foundation, which provides satellite imagery to researchers from our archives of over 400 million square kilometers of the Earth's surface. We created the GeoEye Foundation to award imagery grants to universities and non-governmental organizations that need satellite imagery for research or for humanitarian purposes.

Students have used our imagery for archaeology, coastal zone management, land cover assessment, climate change, forestry, natural resource management and conservation, geospatial intelligence, and many other studies. Non-governmental organizations have used our imagery for humanitarian relief and disaster response. Researchers are doing important, interesting work, and it's satisfying to our employees and stakeholders to know that we've contributed to their successful studies.

We share the goals of Earth Day and increased awareness of environmental issues. For example, our imagery was used by first responders and the geospatial community in assessing the damage from the earthquake that struck Haiti in January. Our products were used to create multiple-layer relief maps to assist with damage assessment, route planning, and other crucial aspects of relief efforts for the Haitian population.

Every day GeoEye's satellites collect thousands of square kilometers of imagery of our planet. Our imagery conveys a sense of pictorial reality, colorful patterns and a geological diversity that can only be seen from looking at Earth from space. We're not just collecting imagery -- but collecting a visual history of the Earth to better understand humankind's impact on it.

Val Webb, Manager, Corporate Manager, GeoEye

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