Thursday, May 6, 2010

The History of Satellite Imagery - GeoEye 101 Site

Today, GeoEye operates a constellation of high-resolution Earth-imaging satellites that collects millions of square kilometers of map-accurate imagery every month...GeoEye-1 collects the highest resolution imagery available from any commercial satellite today – .41 meters or 16-inch ground resolution. From an orbit 423 miles in space, GeoEye-1 can discern an object on the ground the size of home plate on a baseball field and can map an object that size to within 16 feet of its true location on the surface of the Earth. However, the U.S. Government currently restricts public distribution of GeoEye-1 images to commercial markets to half-meter ground resolution. Launched in September 2008 from Vandenberg AFB, California, the 4300-pound GeoEye-1 satellite collects imagery that is unsurpassed in detail and accuracy. Anyone can see GeoEye-1 imagery in Google Earth or Google Maps.

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