Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Take this NOAA Survey and Explain Why Increasing the Resolution of Commercial Satellite Imagery is Important

The study is a Congressionally Directed Action and conducted by NOAA to determine what the commercial market place wants/needs in terms of geospatial imagery resolution in order to be able to maintain its leadership position in geospatial technologies and solutions globally.

Global Marketing Insights, Inc. (GMI) is collecting information for NOAA focused on restrictions on the resolution of electro-optical (EO) imagery collected from US satellites that commercial companies may sell and the ways in which this will impact the Aerial, Commercial, Fed Civil Government and Academic sectors.

Proposed changes under consideration include changing the resolution restriction on commercial sales of satellite imagery from 0.5 meters ground sample distance (GSD) to .25meters GSD.

We invite you to take the survey and make your resolution requirements heard. NOAA's deliverable will go to congress April 15th, 2012 but the end user feedback on this survey ends this Friday.

Take the survey

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