Thursday, March 22, 2012

Geospatial Intelligence Goes From Land to Sea - GeoEye Predictive Analytics Featured in Aviation Week Article

Maps are clearly a vital tool for any military commander, but the days when a two-dimensional, printed representation of an area will suffice have long since passed. Dynamic mapping of the battlespace is not new, but 21st century technologies are revolutionizing the collection, dissemination and analysis of tactical intelligence...

...The benefits of geoint are also apparent to homeland security and police forces. GeoEye of McLean, Va., a supplier of satellite imagery, acquired the predictive analysis company Spadac in 2010 and now supplies more than 40 customers with predictive geospatial intelligence. The software analyzes geo-tagged data to discover relationships between events and features in the physical and human environment; a proprietary algorithm then predicts future occurrences. The company has demonstrated prediction of phenomena as varied as burglaries and the arrival of invasive species.

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