Tuesday, April 26, 2011

South Korea Releases Details of North Korea Coastal Submarine - GeoEye Imagery Collection Featured in Blog Post

Last month, South Korea released details about a new class of North Korean (NK) coastal submarine which has been reported in operation for the last several years. Joseph S Bermuduz Jr in April's Jane's Defense Weekly speculates the designation of this submarine as the SANG-O II (or K-300) class as it resembles the original SANG-O but with an additional 5 meters in length. It has been suggested the extra length may add to the capacity of the SANG-O by providing torpedo tubes, an increased patrol range as well as a larger crew complement...

...For those creating imagery signature databases, the only imagery available for the SANG-O II in Google Earth was captured by GeoEye on 6 Oct 2010 at Ch'aho-rodongjagu naval base. The following shows a breakout of that image along with surrounding submarines.

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