Friday, September 9, 2011

Imagery Offerings - GeoEye High Resolution Imagery Showcased

The GeoEye imagery line of products is categorized according to resolution and positional accuracy:

Geo™ is a radiometrically corrected (for atmospheric and other types of visual "noise"), map-oriented image suitable for a wide range of applications. Ground coordinates are mapped with image coordinates, so that skilled users can work with Geo images using standard commercial software products and data sets.

GeoProfessional™ products are orthorectified (terrain corrected) by GeoEye. Our proprietary processes enable us to quickly deliver the most accurate and precise orthorectified multispectral products available from a satellite platform.

GeoStereo™ products provide two images with stereo geometry, providing a strong base for three-dimensional feature recognition, extraction and exploitation. This is how digital elevation models (DEMs) are created.

GeoEye also offers imagery-derived products like DEMs, digital surface models (DSMs), large-area mosaics and feature maps.

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