Friday, January 13, 2012

Marine Services - GeoEye Information Services Showcased

GeoEye Marine Services has provided fish-finding and oceanic data services and products, tailored to the unique needs of commercial and government maritime organizations, since 1997. Our SeaStar Fisheries Information Service combines ocean plankton data with oceanographic and meteorological data sets from server satellite imaging systems, processed daily by GeoEye's expert team and delivered directly to the vessel. Specific buoy, vessel tracking, and research products are available. To maximize the usefulness of this information, GeoEye offers OrbMap software, training and technical support to every customer. OrbMap enables captains and fleet managers to manipulate map layers, converting oceanic location intelligence into smart decision-making tools.

Our Marine Services include oceanographic maps, asset tracking hardware and information that is required by all maritime agencies to monitor ocean conditions, vessels and fishing gear. GeoEye's oceanographers produce "fish finding maps" (FFM) by collecting and processing data from several satellite systems to help captains identify the most productive fishing grounds...

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