Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Solar Panels UK Launches Solar Suitability Checker Tool - GeoEye High Resolution Imagery Featured in Press Release

Solar Panels UK has just launched the Solar Panels Suitability Checker on its highly successful http://www.solarpanelsuk.co.uk website. The Suitability Checker is an interactive tool designed to help homeowners evaluate potential solar panel sites on an individual basis.

The Feed in Tariff provides a strong incentive to purchase and install PV panel micro-generators. To minimize ROI periods, solar panels should be positioned to collect the maximum amount of available sunlight. The Solar Panels Suitability Checker helps homeowners identify the areas of a property that receive the highest concentrations of sunlight.

When consumers enter a postal code, the Suitability Checker generates a drop-down list of addresses. Selecting a street address brings up a high-resolution GeoEye satellite image of the property. A sunlight density overlay can be toggled on or off of the photo. By positioning a reference point over the location where solar panels might be installed and toggling on the sunlight density overlay, users instantly see if the position is optimal or should perhaps be reconsidered...

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  1. This is a very useful tool for those who want to switch to solar energy when it comes to powering up their homes and wants to check if they ever install a unit, would it sufficiently get sunlight. Good job to you guys! Get your free solar panel quote from different companies here.