Thursday, January 27, 2011

OrbView-2 and Oceanographic Data - GeoEye Information Services Showcased

GeoEye's Orbview-2 satellite (OV-2), with its SeaWiFS sensor, contributes to the study of ocean color, which benefits research on global warming and climate change, the monitoring of harmful algal blooms (red tides), the study of ecosystems, and other areas of great interest to society. Knowledge of ocean color provides our only large-scale window into the ocean ecosystem and is the only way to take a global view of the Earth's biosphere. Since water covers three quarters of the Earth, imagery from OrbView-2 helps us understand what is happening to the entire Earth's ecosystem, water and land. OrbView-2 is considered the "gold standard" for ocean color measurements, and GeoEye is a proud contributor to the International Ocean-Color program with over 11 years of data...

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