Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Predictive Analysis is Emerging Geointelligence Tech Trend - GeoEye Information Services Featured in Article

Andy Stephenson, Senior Director Asia Pacific, GeoEye, US, opined that GeoEye Analytics division of the company provided 99 percent accurate prediction of criminal activities to New York Police. The division also provides accurate location of the Korean missile launch sites. He said, "In Q1 2011, 68 percent revenue of the company come from multisource services. The world is constantly changing and geospatial intelligence plays a critical role in driving decisions."

According to Stephenson, the company is leveraging the cloud to put geospatial content into the hands of end users. EyeQ is a cloud-based platform which provide online and on-demand data. During recent Japan crisis, it quickly delivered data to support humanitarian efforts...

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